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Project Description

The One-Page Windows Phone 7 App Website Template is an easily configured, simple template with all the elements in place, intended as a quick-start for any WP7 developer to promote their app.

View the default style and example on

It’s derived from the website created to promote the FINDaPAD Windows Phone 7 property search app (, and while it isn’t multi-page and fully featured, it does provide enough to give your app a useful web presence outside of the marketplace.

The HTML is fully commented  to make setup and customisation as quick and easy as possible, using Metro style design while allowing your branding to shine through.  View the Documentation page for a 12-step guide to customising the default HTML / CSS.

The site uses:


Please get involved or offer feedback via the Issue Tracker or WP7 App Site UserVoice forum if there's something you want to add or change

And if you use it - let us know!

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